Student Sponsorship Fund

Please prayerfully consider financially sponsoring a St. John’s student.

Sponsorship Opportunities include:
Full Sponsorship at $4500 or $375 per month/$87 per week
Half Sponsorship at $2250 or $187.50 per month/$44 per week
Quarter Sponsorship at $1125 or $93.75/$22 per week

Please consider talking and teaming up with your friends and family in Christ to meet one of St. John’s Sponsorship needs.

We would greatly appreciate any donated amount as a monthly pledge or one-time donation to continue the ministry and mission of St. John’s.

You can donate online at:

or send in/drop off a check or cash to the St. John's church or school office.

As always, please continue to keep St. John’s Lutheran Church and School in your prayers.