Lenten Service Series:

Our Lenten Series this year is "The Salutary Gift" which gathers us around God's Word in repentance over sin, the preparation for our Savior's sacrifice, and the promises offered in the crucifixion's redemptive power. Through studying the Old and New Testament Scripture passages in these daily devotions, sermons, and Bible Studies, we arrive at a deeper appreciation of the Lord's Supper instituted by Christ. Each theme reveals a host of approaches to understanding the same gift: life-giving fruit, nourishment, healing, communion with the saints, rest, a priestly meal, the feast of victory, and so much more. Join us this year for a unique opportunity to truly learn about the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and everlasting salvation won for you by your Lord Jesus!
  • 2/24/21 - Lenten Midweek - "Bread from Heaven" - 6:30p
  • 3/03/21 - Lenten Midweek - "Healing Medicine" - 6:30p
  • 3/10/21 - Lenten Midweek - "Blest Communion" - 6:30p
  • 3/17/21 - Lenten Midweek - "Rest for the Weary" - 6:30p
  • 3/24/21 - Lenten Midweek - "Nuptial Feast" - 6:30p
  • 4/01/21 - Maundy Thursday - "Covenant Meal" - 2:00p Mask Required
  • 4/01/21 - Maundy Thursday - "Covenant Meal" & First Communion - 6:30p & 8:00p
  • 4/02/21 - Good Friday - Procession of the Cross - 1:00p
  • 4/02/21 - Good Friday - "Sacrificial Banquet" - 4:00p Mask Required & 6:30p
  • 4/03/21 - Easter Vigil - "Paschal Food" - 6:55p
  • 4/04/21 - Easter Sunday - "Feast of Victory" - 7:11a, 9:00a Mask Required, & 11:00a


St. John's Waltz is a congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. We believe that God has revealed Himself through His Son, Jesus, by entering into creation and teaching humanity His Word and His Way. Through Jesus, God's love is fully revealed. By Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection all humanity is reconciled to God. We believe that God has called us to love one another and all of His creation. Valuing His Word and His Way, we take seriously our Lord's command to make disciples by baptizing and teaching. As a community that has received this faith, we gather together around God's Word and His Sacraments.

We encourage you to find out more about us through our website or by listening to a past sermon, but we know it only gives a glimpse. The best way to find out more about both our church and school is to come, see, and hear for yourself. We invite you to join us at one of our services, experience a Bible Class, and walk through our facilities.


Worship Times:

If you would like to see a service before being a part of one or if you are a member away from home, we stream our Sunday morning services at 10:00am. Our 8:00am Service on Sunday Mornings requires all in attendance to wear a mask. As a reminder, we strongly encourage  the wearing of masks at every service.

Sunday Morning in the Sanctuary 8:00am 10:00am 12:00pm
Wednesday Evening in the Sanctuary 6:30pm

Offerings and Tithes:

We use the GivePlus App and our tithes and offerings go toward helping not only the Gospel go out into our community but also to support those in need in our community!

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Contact us:

Phone: (734) 654-6366

If you would like to sync your Google Calendar with the St. John's Calendar, you can find the link here.


Lutheran School:

St. John's has had the privilege of providing a solid Christian Day School to our community since 1870. We believe that to be a successful and faithful Christian Day School we must support families in their children's development of strong Christian character and skills for for lifelong excellence. This is the greatest service we can provide the church.

If you would like to know more about our Day School, please click here.