What to Expect

From St. John's Lutheran Church:

  • We are a liturgical congregation that uses our Synod's Service Book.
  • We value children in our church and provide them the opportunity to participate in our services throughout the year.
  • We celebrate the Lord's Supper at every Worship Service.
  • Our services usually last about an hour and most worshippers arrive ten minutes early - don't worry there are always ushers to help you if you're running behind.
  • Most worshippers attend Sunday service in business casual attire, while our Wednesday evening service is more casual.

From St. John's Lutheran School:

  • Our students show respect to their peers and reverence to God.
  • Our students are taught to respect themselves as God's unique children who have their own unique talents and gifts.
  • Our students follow the dress code laid out in the Student Handbook.
  • Our students are provided with a comprehensive program of education, so that they develop their talents and skills for responsible Christian living and service.
  • Our students are nurtured in the Word and Will of God.
  • Our students are have the opportunity to hear from guest speakers and professionals from the private and public sector.  Examples include: Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, Lt. Governor Brian Calley, dental hygienists, and foreign missionaries.

From St. John's Faculty and Staff:

  • We provide a Christ-centered education that prepares children spiritually and academically to be His disciples.
  • We teach and model Christian values, morals, and stewardship.
  • We provide the highest quality education that prepares our students for their continuing education in high school and beyond.
  • We strive to develop and maintain a close, lasting relationship with the parents of our students.
  • We know that the lives of parents today are increasingly busy, so we aim to provide parents the opportunity to worship with their children at chapel on Wednesdays and other special days throughout the week.